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David is a long time collector living in Lithgow in New South Wales Australia with his wife and 5 children, who are all fans of Doctor Who. This vast collection started over 35 years ago with the purchase of The Doomsday Weapon novel. There was no looking back after that.

He purchased a Denys Fisher Tom Baker doll when it was first released but when he entered his late teens decided to give it to his nephew thinking he was too old for dolls. Many years later he added another one back to his collection. As with many, David discovered eBay and that changed his collecting habits forever. You can find him up at 3 or 4 am making sure he wins the auctions he wants. David also checks all kinds of message boards looking for items for sale. This is how he found his Denys Fisher figures, which is a much-loved part of his collection. The Danbury Mint chess set is by far his most cherished piece. Being a bit annoyed when he discovered the extension set was released and he had not been notified by the manufacture, he had to search online till he managed to get it one very early morning. It didnt come with the stand but after seeing pictures of the original, he built his own version complete with glass shelves rather than the wooden ones of the official version.

David always wanted a Cyberman helmet and the one he now has along with the chest plate bring him great joy. Recently he obtained a Silurian mask and now just wants to add more and more to that part of his collection. The two Sevans and comet models David built and painted himself and is very happy with the way they turned out. David has a large collection of reference books and biographies including a few autographed books as well as the entire VHS collection and of course whatever has been released on DVD. Recently he added a framed collection of film cells to his collection from the second Dalek movie as well as the picture disc 33rpm sound effects record.

His entire collection has its own room in his house with the items being displayed on shelves and in display boxes. One day when he gets around to it he intends to build him self a Tardis styled glass display cabinet to showcase the items in a way they deserve. David would love to visit the UK to see the Doctor Who displays and exhibitions in person.

You can find David on the message board as Whoviansdelight

David can be contacted by Email David

Enjoy this small sample of David's Collection

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Thanks for stopping by. Make sure you check out the second page of my collection by clicking on the Merchandise button above to access the pictures. Thanks to my mate Jazaand for the great collage...
Dalek and I
This is a fan built Classic series Dalek. Its the closest I have been to being with a Dalek and was so cool..
K9 and I
A Fan built K9. Stunning representation and so cool to be so close to him
Does this body look fat on me...
New series Voice changer Cyberman Mask.
Berwick Dalek Playsuit
Berwick Dalek Suit released in the mid 60s.
My collection set up
start of 360 view of room.. shelves with CB sets, Various Tardis items and soft toys. Cabinet with 12" remote Daleks and classic figures plus Weta statues.
My collection set up pic 2
Autographed VHS cover by Jon Pertwee, Daleks Invasion of Earth 2150AD film slides Tom Baker signed Dalek stamp cover. Anniversary print.
My collection pic 3
Games new and old, novels and reference books. VHS and DVDs. In front Chess Set and 10th Dr Tardis console room. Also 18" Voice Activated Dalek, Silurian Mask and tin Dalek, Tardis and K9 money boxes
My collection pic 4
cabinets with both Classic and new series figures. Torchwood figures and range of 70s toys. Cyberman helmet and chest plate, Dalek Hot water bottle cover and Dalek dress up suit.. Tardis style dvd case
My collection pic 5
new series figures, VHS limited release boxes. Berwick Dalek Dress up suit and small Tardis dvd cabinet.
My collection pic 6
Voice changer Masks, Secol Nursery Dalek, Toby Jugs, 60s toys and Royal Albert plates. 12" figures, Denys Fisher figures and large remote toys.
My collection pic 7
Chess Set and 10th Dr Tardis Console room
My collection pic 8
Ride in Blow up Dalek, Cyberman Dress up suit.
50th Anniversary Bag
one of 11 Anniversary bags this one featuring the 8th Doctor.
Tardis mat
6ft Tardis Mat
Updated picture of Palitoy Talking figures
I now have 2 versions of the Talking Dalek.
autographed VHS cover by Jon Pertwee
Cover for Death to the Daleks VHS signed on the inside by Jon Petwee in 1987. the inset picture is of the front of the cover.
Codeg Money box and Clockwork Dalek
complete Codeg Money Box and near complete Black Clockwork Dalek in working order. I also have the blue version that is need of some tender loving care.
Weta Helmets
set of 6 smaller helmets from Weta. Welding Mask from the episode 42, Sycorax from The Christmas Invason, Ice Warrior from The Seeds of Death, Sontaran from The Time Warrior, Borusa Head dress from Arc of Infinity and Cyberman from Earthshock.
Weta Statues
The 12in range of Weta Collectables statues which are stunning and very heavy. All are limited released items ranging from 500-900 in production. Dalek, Cyberleader, 4th Dr and Davros and Delgardo Master with Auton.
10th Dr Electronic Tardis
11th Dr Tardis
Junk Tardis
Oil Painting
Painting of the 10th Dr heading towards the Tardis in swirling Mist. Painted for me as a gift by my sons girlfriend.

Complete set of Toby Jugs

Remote Control PE movie Dalek
Board Games

Walkie Talkies and Remote Dalek
Ast Key Rings

Danbury Mint Chess Set booklets and Cards and original

Dedicated book by 4th Dr Tom Baker
Dedicated Novel

Remote Battle Daleks, Sonic Screwdriver
Downtime Vhs Cover and Signed Sleeve

Dalek and Tardis Ties
Picture Disc Sounds Effects Record

30th Anniversary Poster Print
Dalek Film Cells Limited Edition

Alpha Marketing Coffee mugs and Logo Mug

BBC Doctor Who Videos
Doctor Who Novels and Reference Books

BBC Limited Editions Video Tins

Boxers, Briefs and Tie
Board Games and 33rpm Record

Comet Models 4th and 2nd Dr and Movie and Tv Dalek
Sevans Cyberman and Ice Warrior Models

Cyberman Helmet, Chest Plate and Silurian Mask
Danbury Mint Chess Set and Expansion Set

Dapol complete toys

Denys Fisher & Palitoy Boxes

Denys Fisher 1977 Complete set of figures

J H Weatherby & Sons Dalek Plate 1965
Pocket Watch, Wrist watch and belt buckle watch, Tardis key and Ice cream stencils from 1970's

Palitoys 1977 Talking K9 and Dalek

Size Reference

Product Enterprises Talking figures Dr, K9, Cyberman and Dalek
Global Call Plastic Picture Phone Cards

David can be contacted by Email David
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